Target Catalogue Kids’ Casual Clothing 20 Sep 2018

This is a preview which shows the prices of outdoor clothing products for kids. Target Catalogue 20 Sep – 3 Oct covers casual products that are aimed to be the fairly priced ones and comfortable stylish products. Shorts, tees, dresses, denim shorts and more for kids are available in the first 8 pages of this catalogue. Shirt or shorts on pg 4 will cost $15. Find nice dresses on pg 5 where off the shoulder chambray dress is only $25. Shop $5/ea print t-shirts for kids. The catalogue also has baby clothing. T-shirt and shorts set for 0-24 months kids will cost $18. A wide product range covers everything. Find more fun of t-shirts with super gekko and catboy prints. Also, Disney minnie mouse dress for girls is available for $16. It’s sleepwear what you can find on pg 11. Find swimwear, shoes, sandals and more on pg 12-13 for kids.

Check out these deals picked from this catalogue:

Further details are available in the preview of this catalogue. Browse the catalogue for more products and categories. You can also follow our Facebook page where we share the updates about this current catalogue or the future ones. It’s a practical way to track the deals of Target. The catalogue also has a game sale which kids might be interested in. Popular console games are on sale.

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