Target Catalogue Kids Clothing 13 - 26 Feb 2020 | Summer

Browse all deals of Target Catalogue Kids Clothing 13 - 26 Feb 2020 today and discover shirts, chinos, tees, and similar products. Cool apparels for all kids are currently on sale at Target Catalogue. Browse some summer products on pg 19. Woven cheesecloth shirt will cost only $20. You can find products for younger ages, too. A short-sleeve print shirt that looks cool and casual at the same time will cost only $16 at Target. It's a place famous for its affordable costs of clothing. Maybe one of the best places to shop some high-quality products at fair prices. Crew knit, pull-on chino pants, and products for 0-24 months kids are available on pg 20. The latest Target Catalogue offers more than kids' clothing. Shop men's shirts and pants on pg 22-23. They have a cool style for men on the final page, too. Chino pants will cost 2/$60 this week.
    • Cheesecloth Long Sleeve Shirt - White $18 pg 19
    • Boys Stripe T-shirt - Blue $12
    • Linen Blend Short Sleeve Shirt - Blue $16
    • Long Sleeve Shirt - Navy Blue $20
    • Organic Cotton 2 Pack T-Shirts $12
    • Striped Knit Sweater - Navy Blue $16 pg 20
    • Boys Chino Pants - Navy Blue $16
    • Pull On Chino Pants - Tan $16
    • Baby Long Sleeve Shirt - Blue $14
    • Scuba Floral Dress - Pink $30 pg 21
    • Broderie Blouse - Pink $20
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