Target Catalogue LEGO Sets 19 Sep – 9 Oct 2019

Set up a beautiful city and put happy people in it to live. Let them enjoy life and every second. Build roads, buildings, different cities, utilities, and gather the squads of firefighters, policemen, transport units. After a while, it will become lame. You will need some catastrophic events. In order to get rid of boring stuff, you need LEGO sets. The city is one well crafted and enjoyable toy for everyone. I will go buy all the LEGO City sets from Target Catalogue. Build every one of them and have different scenes in my room. After that, I will pick my old DSLR Camera and put a macro lens on it so that the city will look like a real-life scale. I will write a story where the Space Port Marsh research shuttle unit comes back from the space. Everybody expects scientists to come out of it but instead, aliens come out. Aliens that are far superior to humanity in terms of intelligence. They will rebuild our world then I will need new kinds of LEGO Sets. But no problem because I will have the exact matches for the rest of the story. Check out pg 30 and 31 of the catalogue so that you can see Transformers toys and horror stories like LEGO Hidden Side Newbury haunted the high school. They are also perfect for Halloween in October.

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