Target Catalogue Mens Clothing 3 May 2017

Prices of this catalogue are valid until 3 May. Target Catalogue Mens Clothing 3 May 2017You should definetely see this price range for men’s casual apparels. They got v-neck knit, print tops, cozy combinations of boots and jacket. Bomber jacket is only $39 at Target. It’s possible to shop for tees for $15. Fashion tees are priced at $15 each. See these products on pg 20-21.

These are mostly made of cotton. Nowadays, wool production in Australia is increasing. Particularly for high-end fashion products. Many markets started to use Aussie cottons for their own branded products. One of them is Kmart. In 2016, Queensland government supported cotton farmers with a $10M support package. It was to reduce energy consumption. Optimizing the energy consumption will increase the quality of material and lower the prices. I hope this kind of supports will continue this year, too.

Did you know Australians are second in consumption of textile products in the world ? This usually ends up with high competition, lower prices from stores like Target. However, over production is not a good thing for environment. Please optimize your shopping expenses of clothing, so manufacturers can find a way to reduce the effects of over consumption and production.

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