Target Catalogue Mobile Deals 27 Jul – 2 Aug 2017

Target Catalogue Mobile Deals 27 Jul - 2 Aug 2017Mobile phone deals are available on pg 15. Sandisk 16GB, 32GB memory cards, Optus USB broadband modem and simple phones that are good to use for only calling or texting. They can be used for business purposes. If you have two separate phone numbers, one is for business and one is private, these mobile phones will be helpful. Today’s technology offers a lot With smart phones. If you want a simple phone but also want it to provide basic technology like camera, Optus ZTE is a good choice. It costs only $129 and you’ll save $20.

Don’t get bored at home. If you have a good movie collection, you will never. Kids, family movies and new released DVDs including The Fate of The Furious, Going In Style, Big Little Lies are on sale at Target. Zookeeper’s Wife is only $20 at Target. Trolls featuring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick will cost only $16. Books, recipe books and interesting entertainment deals are on pg 17.

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