Target Catalogue Nursery 15 – 21 February 2018

Target Catalogue Nursery 15 - 21 February 2018Buy 2 for $40 maternity bras or maternity camisoles at Target stores. You can find baby sleepwear on pg 6. Get high-quality material for your maternity and stay healthy all the time. During your pregnancy discomfort may interrupt your daily life. To resolve this inconvenience, you have a lot of options. Comfortable flats, maternity casual clothing and loose cut tops or skirts will allow you to move freely. Find underwear and casual clothing for pregnant on pg 7-9.

The industry has been developed so much and there are millions of products that can be purchased to take of your baby. But are all of them necessary? You need a good list to get the essentials. Target prepared a sort nursery list with the on-sale products on pg 10-11. 20% off nursery products can be seen there. Playgro, Fisher-Price, NUK, Medela, Closer to Nature and more.

Redesign your baby room with the products by Target. Quilt covers, cots, beds, highchair and other furniture deals are available on pg 10-15.

Maternity clothing:

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