Target Catalogue Outdoor Toys July 2019

Variety of toys with many different categories are still available at Target and you can browse them on the latest Target Catalogue Toy Sale. Costumes are a part of the catalogue. Find Toy Story and Marvel costumes on pg 24-25. Buy Spider-Man costume for $25 and save this week. Browse the toys of Paw Patrol, Ryan’s World, Ride & Rescue, and more on the next page. Some of them are exclusive toys. For example, Air Rescue glider is only available at Target.

Target Outdoor Toys, Ride-Ons, Scooters

June and July are two months of toy sales in Australia. Some of the toy sale catalogues like Big W toy mania are made to be a source for lay-by purchases of toys that are considered as gifts for Christmas. If you want to a lay-by, check out the Christmas toy sale catalogues. Target Catalogue has a trampoline, basketball system, ride-on, scooters, and similar toys for outdoor fun. Nerf blasters can also be included as one of the outdoor toys. Check out the Fortnite and Nerf products on pg 31.

Get active and playful for small costs at Target. Basketball set is only $39. If you like to stick with the classic entertainment outdoors, swing sets are also available in the latest Target Toy Sale Catalogue. Browse pg 26-27 for all these. Subscribe to the category for free.

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