Target Catalogue Summer Specials 24 – 30 Dec 2015

ENJOYABLE SUMMER WITH TARGET Target Catalogue Summer Specials 24 - 30 Dec 2015

To make your summer more fun, do not forget to take a look at Target’s summer products. The best entertainment products are on sale with their new lower prices. After a long school period, every kid deserves to have some fun in summer with their family. Target is the right address for this! Now you can surf with your kids in pools or sea anywhere you want. You can reach body boards for people of all ages eith 5 different size opportunities. With a lof of design alternatives, body boards will make your summer unforgottable. YAY FOR SUMMER!

Having fun is important in summer but besides this, safety is also so important. Every parent would want to assure if their kids could have fun safely. Then, Piping Hot swim vests are the perfect products for you! Swim vest are vailable for 3 and 4 years old kids with color opportunites.AND could you imagine a summer without a beach ball? Beach soccer balls and beach footies are at Target! Do not miss this opportunity. That’s not all. Also 46 cm. licensed kick boards are on sale with their smashing price. Only $7! Assorted in cartoon designs. Do not start your summer holiday before checking Target’s great opportunities.

Targets summer products for kids are unique. Your kids will have an unforgettable summer experience with Targets entertainment products. Dancing is always fun and with Swimways single Princess Water Dancer, you can bring fun to anywhere for your kids. Also, Swimways Water Dancers are assorted in 3 pack Marvel Dive Characters. Each costs $15 with $5 save AND Swimways Swimming Nemo or Squirt and Big Ball Sprinkles will add much more fun in your summer. This year, make outdoor games fun for all the family with Targets amazing collection of Wahu pool gear!!! Huge savings means everyone can enjoy fun in the sun! And with our online shop now open 24/7 there is no better time than now to grab a bargain! Wahu pool party hoops are now only $15 and available for all children 5 years and above. Save an incredible $30 on are 3 in 1 game pack!


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