Target Catalogue Pools Boxing Day Sale Dec 26 – 8 Jan

Target Catalogue Pools Boxing Day Sale Dec 26 - 8 JanEnd of the year saving event at Target continues to be a source of deals for everyone. You have more deals in the catalogue. We previously talked about home products, safety seats, games. There is also a nice deal on pools and water toys on Target Catalogue boxing day sale. The deals will be valid on 26 Dec – 8 Jan. Great products of Piping hot are waiting for you on pg 14. Target sells accessories to enjoy this summer. Australia is hot right now. Enjoy it while it lasts. You can save 20% off the Piping Hot bodyboard.  A nice continent to surf, enjoy the ocean and live your life with the family and friends. Some of us mere mortals are actually living the heaving on this earth. It’s cool to have some fun and take your time thinking about everything.

Target Catalogue is your companion to find some fun products for kids. X-Shot fast-fill water blaster is one of the fun products. Pay only $16 and save $4 on that. Like-class items will be in your basket if you decide to shop there.

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