Target Catalogue School Clothing 3 – 16 Jan 2019

Formal and comfortable school clothing is no more a problem once you get this Target Catalogue with the important discounts on everything you can see in it. Target Catalogue sells polo shirts, shorts, school shoes, pants, skirts, school dresses, and more products at lower prices. Visit pg 4-5 for socks, tees, t-shirts and more products. Buy bike shorts at $5 only. Target also sells black school shoes for girls and boys. Leather shoes will cost only $35 at Target stores. Backpacks, Maxx underwear, trunks, more socks, and other needs are also the featured products in the Target Catalogue.

Moreover, electronics like earphones, activity trackers, Tablet PCs that are essentials of a student can be purchased at a lower price. For example, save 15% on Vizmo tablets. Buy stationery, craft and calculators. This week, books and color books are on sale. Toys is also an important part of the catalogue. Don’t miss out Pokémon toys on pg 19. Check out LOL Surprise, Barbie, and summer entertainment on the catalogue. It’s also a good source to find adults’ summer wear. Dresses for ladies and shorts for men are on sale.

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