Target Catalogue Spring Fashion 2016

Target’s spring and summer clothing catalogues have always been surprising for all of us.Target Catalogue Spring Fashion 2016 A complete sale would give a so many ideas and good prices not to struggle your budget. Women’s seamfree crop top is one of the highlighted product from the catalogue. It’s price is $15 from today. Cropped jeggings is a match with that one and the price is $18 from Target Catalogue.

A nice sale of ladies’ clothing on pg 2-3 waiting for you in-store or online have prices from $10. Spring essentials can be purchased for only $15 with this Target Catalogue. On the new sale online you can find pom pom shorts, hats, polly jelly sandals and camisoles square neck and many more. Tees can be seen on pg 4. For ladies there are many more than these on pg 4-5.

Zip pocket tee $20
Cold shoulder tee $20
Zip pocket tees grey – black $20
Broderie tank $20
Broderie tee $25
Linen shirt $39

Are some of the example deals of Target Catalogue. Exclusive sales, unique products and similar like these will make your week perfect. Shopping is easier with Target Catalogues and I suppose nobody would find these prices expensive.

Lily Loves dresses, summer wear products and Target’s perfect matching combination on pg 6&7 is a nice example for that claim.

Top black $35
Skinny pants $25
Top $29
Sateen shorts $29
Dress $49

On pg 8&9 of the catalogue. Shoes, sandals and thongs can be browsed on pg 10-11. Flats can be also purchased for the prices shown. Quality underwear by Lycra and more brands can be found on pg 12-13. Especially for ladies there extremely nice looking products.

Underwear products for ladies on pg 13 consists of singlets, briefs of mix and match deal. And bra variety can be browsed on pg 14-15.

Fragrance, cosmetics, Spring beauty essentials are combined and presented on pg 16&17 readily. Remington’s electrical products like hair straighteners and hair dryer might also be in your list to be shopped for good Target prices.

Men’s Clothing

Generally casual products have been selected for this product range. Shirts, pants, and t-shirts are available on pg 18-19. For example:

Check shirt $25
Slim Chino pants $29
Mr Big Print tee $22
Slim chino shorts $25
Men’s Chinos $29

And kids clothing offers like shorts, print tees can be seen on pg 20-21. For boys and girls there are lots of deals by Target Catalogue. bikes by Cyclops are in the shelf for kids. Target also offers exercising equipment like fitness mat, dumbbell and gym ball. On pg 25 you may have a detailed look on them. Also see Fitbit variety. A really nice fitbit products can be found there.

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