Target Catalogue Summer Specials 4 – 10 Nov 2015

Time to preparation for going to Byron Bay !

Target Beach CollectionTarget Catalogue Summer Specials 4 - 10 Nov 2015

Target products are stylish and very comfortable. In this catalogue you will reach everything you need for
a perfect day at the beach. With cool design tee pee, all eyes will be on you your child will love it. There is tree different chair type in Target Catalogue. -special stripe and point design- Deck , Beach and Disc chairs and ordinary chairs are starting from $12. Watermelon round beach towel is very cute design and fine cotton. It will make you feel good when you will lay down to sunbath.

Also in Target, you can see pool and sea towels in different four color with stripes. These colors are reflecting summer energy inside you! Don’t worry Target has discounts for your children. Child towels are designed for them and they will be cutest child with this Hooded Beach Towels. – though they are already- Hooded beach towels are also $12 everyday.

Target’s Coleman products will keep your cold drink inside it. Its very useful, easy to use and extensive storage. You can prepare your drinks or foods at home to bring to beach. There is two different type cooler ; 5L & 10L. 5L Coleman jug selling with special cup.

Take time your family. With these products you can spend your time with family much more enjoyable.

Products in post ;

Coleman 5L Jug with Cup $25 PG 2
Coleman 10L Hard Cooler $25
Confetti Adventure Kids’ tee pee $49
Capri Stripe Deck Chair $69 PG 3
Beach Chair $29
Recliner Disc Chair $29
Capri Stripe Small Picnic Mat $15
Folding Chair $12
Watermelon Round Beach Towel 1.5m $59
Pool Towels $12 PG 4
Beach Towels $12
Hooded Beach Towels $12

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