Target Catalogue Toy Sale 26 Mar – 26 Apr 2020

Target Catalogue Toy Sale 26 Mar - 26 Apr 2020One of the biggest toy retailers of Australia published a new catalogue with the aim of being a cheerful centre for the Easter and a 1-month sale may be a good source of deals and fun for families. Target Catalogue toy sale 26 Mar – 26 Apr sale contains a lot of popular products from the top brands like LEGO. A full 3-page sale of LEGO sets with the pop culture references like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Friends, Technic, and more can be viewed on pg 2-4. Boys particularly love the RC vehicles. You may find some of the coolest vehicles on pg 5. Check out remote control xtreme vortex priced at $20.

Among all these, some toys have really loyal fans. For example, some toy lovers are really fond of finding a nice piece of Bakugan toys. Beyblade and Bakugan toys like slingshock beystadium, beyblades starter pack, and more are available on pg 5.

If you like superheroes and Star Wars movies, some toys might also be decorative accessories for your home. Power Rangers, Star Wars, Transformers, Captain America characters are available in that category. Find adventure toys and Pokémon on pg 8. Funko Pop! pikachu will cost 2/$30 at Target this week.

I said it many times, and I will say it again. Exclusive toys are always what makes a toy sale great. If you find enough exclusive toys in a catalogue, you should know that it’s worth to explore it. Otherwise, regular toys are available elsewhere, too. Find exclusive products and Hot Wheels on pg 9 and on more pages of the Target Catalogue.

LEGO sets and more toys from Target Catalogue Toy Sale 26 Mar:

Find even more LEGO toys from Disney.

Target has two Easter Catalogues right now. Both contains traditional products. Candies, eggs, and more products are available on this Target Easter Catalogue.

Target Catalogue Toy Sale 26 Mar - 26 Apr 2020


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