Target Catalogue Toy Sale Christmas 2016

Viewfinder of the all toys for the Christmas is this Target Catalogue Toy Sale Christmas 2016 that can be browsed through this post. One of the most popular toys of Target is again LEGO. You may see an extended range featuring the beautiful price drops on pg 2-5. LEGO City, Creator, Duplo, Star Wars, Classic, Nexo Knights, Friends and even more are available as the discount deals.Target Catalogue Toy Sale Christmas 2016

It’s a great chance to find Transformers Gen Legends titans figures. Hyperfire & Blurr, Furos & Hardhead and Smasher are available characters at Target stores. You may reach the prices of toys like other Transformers characters and Star Wars figures, lightsaber, Darth Vader Ep 7. figure and many more obviously.

Nintendo Gaming was not skipped. Nintendo 3DS games like Pokemon and more fun on pg 8,9:

Pokemon Moon $49
Pokemon Games $49 ea
3DS XL Pokemon carry case $20
Limited Edition Pokemon sun/moon Nintendo 3DS XL console $249
Z-Ring Kit $39

Pokemon Trading Cards is $6.50 ea and carry ball, battle tin, action figure 20 cm plush pokemons are also on Target Catalogue pg 8. Moreover super hero figures like Batman, Batman V Superman Figures, Elite Figures, Toy Story basic figures are what you may find at Target Christmas Toy sale.

550 toys have been referred to the discount products of this catalogue. Products on some pages are on sale until 27 November. Pg 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31 are the product sales valid until 27 Nov 2016.

Hot Wheels, Monster Jam single cars $9
Hot Wheels 6 car pack $5
Disney Cars core vehicles $7.50
Disney Cars carbon racers decast $6

Shopkins toys are available on pg 13. Awesome collectibles, your favorite and new characters are featured. Happy places, shoppies dolls, Num Noms and many more products are in stocks. Get these dolls on pg 14 for the lowered prices. Barbie, Shibajuku girl dolls and Frozen dolls are all in.

Hatchimals, dragon pets, Little Live Pets snuggles my dream puppy and many more cool things can be seen. One of the best way of spending quality time with the family is the board games. Check them on pg 17. I recommend not to skip this one. Scrabble, Jenga, pieface, Hippo, Monopoly, Guess Who, Twister, Cluedo.

Grab your weapon by Nerf or Xshot and stand still.

Nerf N Strike Stratobow $49
Nerf N Strike Mega Cyclone shock $25
Nerf N Strike Elite Mega Mastodon $99
X-Shot Tk6 blaster $10
X-shot bug attack value pack $29

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