Target Catalogue 11 – 24 Aug 2016 Women’s Shoes

Target Catalogue 11 – 24 Aug 2016 women’s shoes are available on the pg 9. Flats are available on that page. Pair of these shoes are priced at $25 and under. You can find different types. Leather flats, flats tallow II, madison II and more types are featured.Target Catalogue 11 - 24 Aug 2016 Women's Shoes

Click on the image to see all prices. If you are looking for summer shoes, high heels, comfortable casual sandals and comfort flats please check out pg 10 deals. Product range of Target Catalogue on pg 10:

Rogue II sandals $29
Morgan Comfort flats $29
Gwen heels $29
Radaka II sandals $29
Melba patent heels $39
Milan Heels $39

Sneakers, sports shoes, casual variety have been exhibited on pg 13 of the catalogue. Target sells rikki sneakers for $20. Women’s nora lace up shoes are priced at $6. Moreover you can find women’s active wear on pg 12. For more of these products please check out the Target Catalogues.

Future posts may contain more detailed information about the products. To be informed about the Target Deals you should always check out these posts. They may contain an extraordinary deal you would need.

For underwear check pg 14-15, for sleepwear and girls’s sandals check pg 18-19. In the shoes selection sandals are the most preferred products. $12 is the only price you would pay for a pair of sandals as everyday price.

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