Target Catalogue Women’s Swimwear 25 – 31 Oct 2018

Piping Hot products from the category of women’s swimwear are available on pg 10-11. Bikini tops, briefs, rash vest, shorts, pairs of thongs, and more products are the last minute deals at Target. You can buy these products online and in-store. There are also underwear and comfortable sleepwear on pg 12-13. Buy Lily Loves products at cheaper prices compared to regular costs. Target sells 2 pack satin boxers for only $20. Lily Loves Jasmine bralette is only $12. Jasmine bikini briefs is another product on sale. The price is $8 and two colours of it are available. For more products and deals like these from the future Target online catalogues can be seen on our Facebook page where we share all the updates.

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