Target Christmas Catalogue Game Sale 1 – 7 Nov 2018

The first fragments of the entire Christmas sale this year are in this catalogue. Think of this as a gift catalogue. Game consoles, video games, and toys of the stories from popular video games are the perfect gifts for youth and middle age people nowadays. People are so hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Spider-Man this year. God of War is a relatively older game but it’s still played by thousands of gamers all around the world. These single player RPG games seem to be the stronghold story based AAA games that are recently published. I would buy these art piece games just to support the developers even though I don’t have interest in playing. However, I loved to play these games. PlayStation 4 pro and bundle deals are on pg 23. Xbox One games including PUBG, Forza that are exclusives can be seen on pg 24. The game console is $595 at Target. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a hot item at Target stores right now.

You can also buy Playstation Gift cards in store. Don’t forget to see these items on Target Catalogue. Moreover, you may follow our Facebook page where we share this type of posts and updates.

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