Target Christmas Gaming Gifts 31 Oct – 20 Nov 2019

Entertainment gifts are usually the best but they can be expensive for some. There is a game section in the latest Target Christmas catalogue where you can find a recently released game. Call of Duty Modern Warfare might be familiar game. They made a remaster version of it, too. This very popular game has been entirely remade and they made it pretty nice. Realistic, intense, immersive, and it’s worth a full game price. I can recommend you to see Target’s price on pg 29. It can also be a good gift for Christmas. But if you are looking for console games, I may also suggest a few more popular game or geeky gifts.
First of all, next week Kojima’s new game Death Stranding will be released on PlayStation. It’s a PlayStation exclusive. Pretty weird game but if your friend or relative is a Kojima lover or a fan of Metal Gear series, they might probably like it. You can also consider another geek gift. Buy a Netflix gift card or membership for your friend who is into Witcher novels because they made a new series about Geralt of Rivia and the world of Witcher that will be released on Netflix on December 20. Some real stuff is on its way at the end of 2019. It’s been a good year for us geeks. Browse more in the Target Catalogue.

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