Target Headphones; JBL T600 On-Ear from Catalogue Deal 22 Aug – 4 Sep 2019

Noise-cancelling technology is my favourite feature of all headphones whether on-ear, in-ear, over-the-head or earbuds. My headphones must have noise-canceling if I plan to use them for the long term. Bluetooth is always nice since cables are becoming too much for the modern world’s daily JBL Tune600 BT is said to carry both these important features. Also, bass quality is a very important thing I seek in a headphone. I value my music, I carefully choose my pieces into one list. As a casual listener, I got nearly 1400 favorite songs in my liked list on Spotify. Also, I got more than 20 lists. Eventually, it becomes a part of your life to own a premium quality earphones. In the latest Target Catalogue, which is kind of a Father’s Day catalogue, you can find a JBL T600 for $119. Considering its price, what it provides is an unusually first class. Moreover, it’s on sale right now. I think that the product can be a cool gift for the 1st of September.
Bluetooth, noise-canceling, long battery life and cool design of JBL’s headphone seems to be one of the best deals from Target Catalogue 22 Aug – 4 Sep. The negative side of JBL T600 is also mentioned in reviews. Apparently, JBL doesn’t give you a case but I might recommend you to use one since the product is vulnerable against scratches. Personally, I don’t really mind if my electronics got scratches or something like that. Cosmetics isn’t a part of the aspect I care about in electronics.

Check out Target headphones, tablets, TVs, and smartphones on pg 22-23.

One more thing; shootings in the US don’t have a damn thing related to video games. Blaming video games is stupid enough to encourage me to buy only more video games and play them. Target Catalogue has very cool games for your console. Red Dead Redemption II is the farthest thing to be in relation to something like that. It’s a masterpiece with a masterfully crafted story, a 3-dimensional leading character, and beautifully created environment. Probably, the environment and the horse mechanism in that game are the best ever made by game makers. Just try it on your PS4 or Xbox One S to experience the closest thing to horse riding but it’s not really horse riding. I don’t even know how to boast the features of that game. It was beautiful, I played the whole story. I still play it online.

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