Target Kids Outdoor Catalogue 10 – 16 Dec 2015

TARGET’ OUTDOOR COLLECTION Target Kids Outdoor Catalogue 10 - 16 Dec 2015

Summer is came and now everybody at outside. People celebrating summer came with great events, meetings and enjoyable dinners. But there is a lot of way to celebrate this miracle. Let’s check Target’s outdoor play products. They are really lucky this week. Because Disney & Star Wars episode VII bikes designed for them. For girls, Disney Frozen bike has short ribbons. Good decoration item for windy times. Bikes made by strong steel and they are high durability to damages. Both bike has box at front side. For safety ride, at back wheel  there is two more wheel. You can remove them if you want.

Razor ripstick is very popular product all around the world. Available in two color. Red and blue. With two wheel your kid can make great moves on it. Ripsticks price is $79 with $20 save. Great offer for this products. My favorite bike is Cyclops vintage women’s bike. It 14+ age with wide wheel and unique color. This product exclusive to Target with new lower price. $149 every day. Its amazing price because you will save $30. If you want modern look bike, Cyclops has more variety; you can check from full catalogue red and pink types of that products. You cant find anywhere else these, they are exclusive to Target !

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