Target Newsletter Deal $15 Off | New Catalogue Deals

Target Christmas Hampers, Newsletter Deal, And MoreWhen you sign up for the newsletter of Target, according to, you will get $15 off your next purchase. But you must spend $50 before that. Some exclusions also exist. Such as gift cards and interactive gaming. Visit their official page to sign up. It’s pretty easy to do. You just give your email address and they will start sending the free newsletter. Speaking of it, we also have a newsletter service for free. You can hear from stores like Target via the newsletter of ours.

Target Catalogue offers hampers. Christmas hampers are a classic of many department stores and they usually promote these hamper deals via catalogues every year. Visit pg 7 to see banana leaf basket hamper that will cost $50. But it looks really cool and decorative, too. There is a huge bar of Toblerone on the catalogue. If that’s not a reason to shop at Target, I don’t know what is. Its name is on and on and it weighs 600g.

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