Woolworhts Catalogue Deals 17 – 23 January 2018

Woolworhts Catalogue Deals 17 - 23 January 2018Again, half-price products are some good and popular deals on the Woolworths Catalogue. Doritos, Powerade, Arnott’s Tim Tam, Peters Drumstick are all half price deals on the first page. This entire shopping concept is full of the best deals. There is never bullshit on these weekly catalogues. Honestly, I believe there has to be a new thing and new sale on these catalogues. Because the customers like to talk about them and specifically focus on them. People don’t believe there is nothing they can do about problems and they actually respond these requirements to be able to be a good retailer.

What we have now is a mixture of products with a theme of Australia Day regular weekly shopping products. It consists of beach products like flip-flops. Australian national themes all over this catalogue. Before you get to shopping check out these products on pg 4-5. Thongs will be only $2! Also, see this Australia day small flags.

Fresh produce like mangoes, blueberries, nectarines, grapes will be on pg 7. You can get them for cheaper prices. Aussie BBQ original products will be on sale this week.

Bakery products will help you suppress your hunger when in rush this week. In working day, there can be times when you need these products. La Fournee Doree Brioche burger rolls are going to be half-priced. View these delicious food products like these on pg 12-13. “Prices Dropped” for the Pane Di Casa, Pavlova Base that will in the range, can also be browsed.

Browse for half-priced snacks, packaged food, and more are going to be valid until next week. Don’t forget to see these deals, shop online to save more.

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