Woolworths Australian Grown Food 23 – 29 Oct 2019

Shop this catalogue to save on Aussie fresh products which you can find in the first part. Seafood, meat, and fresh fruits of the fields of Australia are being promoted by the Woolworths Catalogue deals preview. The deals are obviously valid on Wednesday. Seedless watermelon, asparagus, blueberries, and Solanato tomatoes are some items to find in this group of products. Seafood is one of the traditional and classic diet types of Aussies. 100% Aussie tiger prawns are a frequently appearing product in all food catalogues of supermarkets. Save $5 on that this week. Woolies has more seafood items. Woolworths is also a good place to shop for meat. The finest of meat will be on your table for the prices you can see on pg 6&7. Some of the items from Woolworths Australian Grown Food sale this week:

Every day can be festive when you have proper food from the deli-bakery departments of these supermarkets. They make awesome things like Halloween iced cupcakes this week. Woolworths original products are available in the bakery section of this catalogue. Shop cheese variety and ham in the deli. KR Castlemania Hungarian salami will cost $28/kg.

Woolworths Pantry Sale

Pantry is where you can find the products to stock up in wherever you keep your food. They also have some healthy breakfast products including bars and cereals. Nutella Hazelnut spread 750g jar is $7. Save half on coffee and black tea. Classic Nescafe Blend 43 is usually a highlighted product in these catalogues. This week again, you can save on that coffee. Olive oil, almond, and more are also in the pantry range. Don’t forget that you can save $15 off using voucher code “OCT15”.

Indian foods and sauces:

Woolworths Fridge Sale and Ice Cream Deals

Paddle pop, Crunchie bars, dumplings, and more products are half-price deals in the new catalogue. Frozen foods like pizza and steam meals can be your time-saving dining meals at Woolworths supermarkets. Pay only $2.50 for the Chobani Fit X yoghurt this week. You should know that Woolworths Catalogue is full of gift card discounts, frozen foods, ice cream sales, and non-food items.

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