Woolworths Bakery Catalogue 15 – 19 Jan 2016

DELICIOUS AND FRESH BAKERY Woolworths Bakery Catalogue 15 - 19 Jan 2016

It is time to start some healthy diet after new year and Christmas time! You can change your eating habits and you can lose a lot of weight without making some efforts in your home! It would be great to lose them. With losing carbonhydrate, you can easily lose some extra weight in a healthy way. Woolworths offers you Helga’s Lower Carb Wraps in a perfect price that would be the best helper for losing some kilos. It would be great for you while you are on diet. It can also be considered as tasty food , not just healthy food, so it would be great for your family lunch times, your family will not be so furious because of that. Woolworths has perfect idea for your amazing diets with Helga’s Lower Carb Wraps! It is big chance for you!

 If you are not looking for a wrap, you can check Helga’s Lower Carb Bread varieties which would make your meals tastier and healthier. Its perfect made will make you feel and taste perfect. Helga’s company is one of the known diet – food company for everyone, so we do not have any suspicions about the company. There are three varieties of Helga’s Lower Carb breads, these are: bread with 5 seed, bread with wholemeal and seed and bread with soy and toasted sesame. You can find the best bread for yourselves in these types of perfect food.


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