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Considering millions of people stay at home and don’t want to frequently go to stores or outside such a product is a great idea by Woolworths. Inside this box, you will find essentials only. It’s a simple basics box similar to a ration box you would take when you go to travel into the wilderness. Currently, the product is available in 6 regions. It also contains toilet paper. See all details about Woolworths Basics Box on this page. 4 categories of products are in the content of the box; household essentials, breakfast, snacks, and lunch & dinner. Pasta and pasta sauce, flour, sugar, milk, crackers, and canned products are in the box. If you are shopping on behalf of someone elderly, someone vulnerable, you might find it easy to buy this basics box, too. This was available for only eligible customers. But they extended the availability and now Woolworths Basics Box will be available for anyone in need.

This price also includes delivery. Being in cardboard makes it safer because Coronavirus can’t live on cardboard as long as it can on plastic surfaces according to John Hopkins study.

Woolworths Basics Box For $80

To get this box, you should order delivery. For yourself or for someone else. All you need to do is to open a Woolworths online account.

Woolworths Catalogue Body Care Products

Huggies nappies, Dove body wash, organic food pouch, and more products are available in the Woolworths body&baby care sale. You will find some supplements in the catalogue. Lo Carb protein bar, Schick hydro 5 sense hydrate kit pk1, and more products are half-price deals. Subscribe to Woolworths Catalogue to hear from these deals and more special products on a weekly basis.

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