Woolworths Big Game Snacks 10 – 16 Jun 2020

Woolworths Big Game Snacks 10 - 16 Jun 2020These are the new participating products and this time for the games. Gather your gear from the snack aisles of Woolworths supermarket. Woolworths Big Game snacks 10 – 16 Jun can be a nice alternative for saving on your snacks this week. Starting on Wednesday, these products and prices are valid offers. Buy ready meals and frozen products, too. Get a chance to big a big prize. McCain beer batter chips or wedges will cost only $3 and you save $1 on that product. Vodafone $40 starter pack is also one of the participating items. Soda packs, chips, and frozen food are available on pg 13-14 but look further for more delicious finger-licking snacks. Chocolate fans might find their favourite stuff on pg 15-16. Lindt sensation 140-150g will cost $5 and you can save $1 on that. Buy Schweppes but this time it’s zero sugar. Classic tastes of what you like will be no-calorie drinks. That’s saving at least 100 calories if you are drinking Schweppes having your dinner.

Aussie fresh food, common grocery items, and other related products are all in the new Woolworths Catalogue. Take a look at the catalogue deals if you like to shop at lower costs. Who doesn’t?
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