Woolworths Catalogue 12 – 18 Oct 2016

Woolworths Catalogue 12 – 18 Oct 2016 half prices are Nestle Kitkat, Chobani yogurt, Finish Dishwasher tablets, Lynx body spray or antiperspirant on the cover. Remember that you can always save at top with the half priced products. Make sure your shopping list is filled with them most.Woolworths Catalogue 12 - 18 Oct 2016

Woolworths occassionally placed good deals like “prices dropped” on the catalogue. Don’t forget that they are the highlighted and highest amount of reduces in prices. Pepsi Max, Moccona, Vittoria Coffee, Nestle Chocolate, Red Bull Energy Drink.

Arnott’s crustkits $3 ea
Tiny Teddy variety $3.25
Kellogg’s LCMs 330 pk 15 $7
Tasti value packs 420g $5

Woolworths makes special deal for Halloween ! Favorite candies, popular costumes, spooky deals are all in ! Cadbury, Maltesers and more brands of candies and chocolate bars are yours. Take a look at some of the deals:

Woolworths Halloween kids costumes $12
Woolworths Halloween teen costumes $15
Woolworths Halloween Adults costumes $18

Lindt %70 cocoa block chocolate $3

Gatorade, Golden circle beverage and more brands are featured on the pg 8&9 of the catalogue. You can also find water packs on that page. Low Price always and prices dropped deals of Sanitarium peanut butter, Dole snack fruit&juice, SunRice 90 second, True foods naan bread are available on pg 10-11. More of these “low price always” deals can be found on pg 13.

Woolworths select corn cobs 1kg $2.50
Australian baby peas 1kg $3.30
Broccoli florets 500g $2.50
Chicken tenders 400g $4
Frozen cheesecakes or bavarians 450g $3

In the freezer section of the Woolworths Catalogue of this week you will find macro Organic peas, and organic frozen berries can be seen. Make sure you don’t miss these for they are awesome and only valid this week. Half Prices of Ingham’s frozen food and more convenient food products are placed on pg 16.

In the dairy and fridge range of Woolworths find “low price always” deals for vaalia yogurt, cheese block 1kg, logical spread, daily juice 2L, thickened cream are available. Discounts on fresh food, meat, seafood, half prices of bakery can be seen on pg 25.

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