Woolworths Catalogue 15th April Specials

Woolworths Catalogue 15th April specials of half prices, new products and cheap cheap specials will be one of the top choice of yours while shopping for your weekly needs. Woolworths Catalogue 15th April SpecialsEveryone prefer their local grocery but Woolworths makes such deal that will make you shop at the supermarket even though it is far from you. This week special offers are easily foundo on the new online catalogue. Also Woolworths got a new health catalogue on the official page. See more of supermarket grocery catalogues with Catalogue Au.

Woolworths Weekly Specials

Specials are those of what are only available in the week you are browsing them. Weekly specials from Woolworths can be found using the new catalogue. It is easy to use it. Just click on the products of use the image linked to it. Brilliant options of the Woolworths can be viewed.
Cheap Cheap Specials of frozen food on pg; 2-3.
Frozen food like super fries, vanilla ice cream, crispy fish fillets and some fruits on pg; 4&5.
Cadbury Dairy milk recipe of chocolate milkshake on pg; 7.

Woolworths Chocolate Products and Soft Drinks

Find great brands of favorite chocolates of yours on pg; 9. Snacks and soft drinks and new special product of Coca Cola Life are available on pg; 10-11. The special thing about “Life” is that they used Stevia which is kind of sweetener and it tastes 450 times sweeter than Glucose sugar. This amazing product will reduce your fat if you were drinking so much Coca Cola since the energy that Stevia gives you is much lesser than that of Glucose.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Block 200g $3.50
Nescafe Blend 43 300g $12.50
Nestle Kit Kat and Mars $0.99 each
Arnott’s monte carlo or scotch finger $2 each.

Deli products of Woolworths are variety of cheese and meat products. See them on 20&21 of the catalogue. Also check out bakery on pg; 22-23. Seafood and fresh meat on pg; 24-25. And personal care items of Woolworhts are started to be exhibited on pg; 29.

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