Woolworths Catalogue 10 – 16 Aug 2016

Woolworths Catalogue 10 – 16 Aug 2016 featuring half priced products, new specials, low price always deals, extreme savings and ultimate product range. Price Dropped of Arnott’s is $2 on cover. Find Aussie strawberries for only 2/$5 on the cover. Great snacks and drinks deals on pg 2-3.Woolworths Catalogue 10 - 16 Aug 2016

Breakfast, snacks and pantry deals on pg 4-5.

Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes cans 30x375mL $12.50 half price – You may win family holiday to Tiger Island with the purchase of this product.

Half Prices on pg 4:

Doritos chips 150g $1.64
Schweppes mineral water or mixer varieties 1.25 L $1
Mars Maltesers gift box 360g $5
Lindt Lindor gift box 147g $6
Mother Energy Drink $5.47

Prices dropped on pg 5 is also another featured deal of the Woolworths Catalogue. Get a new coffee maker by Nescafe for only $99 earning an e-gift card of Woolworths. On pg 6 you can learn details of this offer. Low Price always deals of pantry is available on pg 7.

Pantry is the largest shelf of each grocery catalogues. You should check these catalogues to see all products. For example Dole hand picked canned fruits with a price of $2.70 ea is available on this range. Frozen food deals are also featured on the new selection of Woolworths specials in the catalogue. Frozen food can be browsed on pg 10-11.

Dairy deals including products like Chobani yogurt, Greek yoghurt brands, cheese variety and many like these were advertised on pg 12-13. Browsing these pages you should pay attention on the low price always and prices dropped deals which are the most important and profitable deals of each Woolworths Catalogues. For example a good sale of Woolworths catalogue this week is low price always deal of bakery on pg 17:

Helga’s bread varieties $3.50 ea
Ciabatta rolls pk 5 $2.50
Large slice bread loaf variety 2/$5
Woolworths select loaf cake variety $4.50

And so forth. Fresh meat and seafood options are categorized and listed on pg 18-19. Marketing strategy and exhibition understanding of Woolworths whet appetize. A person easily becomes addictive to grocery shopping with a brief look on these catalogues. For fresh veg and fruits you may visit pg 22-23 of the catalogue.

Fresh Grocery offers on this catalogue:

Aussie pumpkins $1.30
Aussie Sweet potatoes $1.90
Aussie strawberries 2/$5
Aussie Mandarins $2.90 kg

These are the biggest ones but not all of them. For more products of Woolworths please subscribe on the social media pages or leave your e-mail for future posts.

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