Woolworths Catalogue 16 – 22 Nov 2016 Christmas Products

Brilliant range of the Christmas products from Woolworths Catalogue 16 – 22 Nov 2016 that also contains high quality pretty looking decorations.Woolworths Catalogue 16 - 22 Nov 2016 Christmas Products “Prices dropped” and “low price always” deals are again products of Woolworths to be exhibited for shopping. In general, the catalogue seems to be a Christmas sale. So I try to focus on special Christmas treats and Christmas decoration. Occassional half priced products of Woolworths and Coles make people happy in this month. Awesomeness goes on with new catalogues. You may browse all the catalogues in the preview page. Don’t forget to make a list for essentials and party supplies to shop before Christmas holiday. Woolworths Catalogue 16 – 22 Nov 2016 Christmas sales have been released. You can check out below some of the nice Christmas treats and occassional sales.

Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Treats and “Prices Dropped”

You need large variety of treats when you have the guests or gathering with the purpose of celebrating. Purchasing all the type of treats may cause a costly shopping. To reduce the expenses check out these food catalogues. Some treats and “prices dropped” deals of Woolworths Catalogue. Calendars, Merry Christmas Cadbury chocolates are featured.

Cemoi Advent calendars 75g $1.50
Secret Life of Pets, Thomas or Finding Dory advent calendars 90g $4
Cadbury Advent calendar 90g $3
Mars Christmas Stockings 146g $4

Roses Tin 620g $13.50
Cadbury stocking 182g $5
Mars Celebrations tub 750g $12.50

More than these, serving ware with a beautiful design, Christmas decorations, table top decorations are featured within the decoration and kitchenware browsable on pg 8&9. Christmas tree decorations were also contained by the Woolworths Catalogue.

Woolworths assorted Christmas tree decorations from $2
Woolworths Assorted Christmas decorations $4
Woolworths assorted Christmas lights indoor fairy 80 LED, Solar 25 LED cap or battery operated 18 LED $12
Woolworths assorted Christmas table top decorations from $10
Woolworths Christmas assorted plush 100 cm $20

Inspire red wine glass pk 4 gold rim $20
Inspire nibble dish $15
Decorated Christmas mugs $3
Inspire Gold Geometric set of 4 mugs $10
Woolworths Christmas embroided tea towels or placements pk 1 $4
Woolworths Assorted Christmas disposable napkins pk 25 – plates pk 10 $2

30% off All Corelle products are in pg 9 ! Moreover fresh meat, bakery, Christmas sweets are available on the Woolworths Catalogue. Take a look at the pg 13 to explore more products of Christmas sweets. Mud cake variety, European desserts and mainly bakery type of sweets can be browsed there.

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