Woolworths Catalogue 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2016

Create new shopping list after you browse this Woolworths Catalogue since you may have missed a lot of chances to win and save. Woolworths Catalogue 26 Oct - 1 Nov 2016As an example view the latest half price snacks on cover page. Cadbury, M&M, Mars, Milky Way, Kit Kat and more brands have been featured by the catalogue. A special sale by Woolworths Catalogue 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2016 is the Halloween. Check pg 2-5 to see extended range of products of Halloween party supplies and confectionery. You can learn how to carve a pumpkin on pg 2. You can find a Halloween pumpkin priced at $2.60 at Woolworths but it’s not carved. Steps for how to carve it can be read on pg 2.

Most of the products are available until stocks last. Among these we can see various treats.

Mr. Kipplings toffee whirl 150g or choc slime $2
Halloween Cadbury cinder toffee 135g $2
Sunrice mini bites 160g $4
Vege chips gluten free 250g pk 12 $6
Smith’s multipacks 365g pk 20 2/$9.80
Cadbury 160g, Mars 144g, or nestle sharepacks 158g $2.30 ea

Snacks and Drinks of Woolworths Catalgoue have been contained by the catalogue on pg 6&7. Half price deals cover there Frantelle water, CC’s corn chips, Arnott’s salada, belVita breakfast biscuits and more products. Pantry of the Woolworths on this catalogue comes with half prices. On pg 11 you can see details of products priced at half. Check out pg 14-15 for fridge range. Frozen food provide the convenient food products. These are naturally packaged and processed food.

Steggles frozen chicken breast tenders 375g $5
Four N’ Twenty Angus pies 760g x 4 $4.32 ea
I&J light&crispy fillets 1 kg $10
Ingham’s frozen chicken breast chipees or munchies 400g $6

If you always seek for upper level taste of course Woolworths can offer you that too. Stonebaked pizza for $4 range with various flavors is available on pg 17. Spring Entertaining is the taste you have been seeking inside this catalogue. There you have a bakery and deli products mainly. Enjoy the nice sunny days with your family in your yard.

Four’n Twenty party pies 600g $4
Unicorn cheese 125g 2/$5
Red Rock Deli dips 150g $2.17
Ocean Blue salmon smoked 300g $10
Crazy Dragon Hong Kong dumplings 750g $7

Some of them are half priced products. Check the page and get details. “Prices Dropped” and “Low Price Always” products are available on pg 22-23. Mainly bakery and dairy products are featured ones. Pretty good earnings wait for you. Double Points Woolworths card deals were marked for you.

Scrolls pk 2 $2.50
Dreamy choc, granola, ginger & choc or cranberry & white choc jumbo cookie 290g pk 5 2.50
Woolworths Croissant pk 3 $2.50
Crusty Baguette 300g $1.50
Cinnamon donuts pk 12 $3
GU Dessert 170g $5
Chocolate, White or Caramel mud cake $4.50
Mini Pastry pk 8 $4

As the weather getting better you will see much more fresh products with the Woolworths Catalogues. Spring offers of Woolworths Catalogue 26 Oct – 1 Nov 2016 whet appetize of everyone. See dairy products, deli and cheese variety on pg 24-25.

Woolworths mainly chose their fresh products from Australian farms. Aussie tomatoes, asparagus, apples, blueberries are some of the reasons people play these catalogues. Be a participant in this good work and choose Woolies to shop for your weekly needs. I think they also made success in regulating the prices and standardizing the product quality. With this understanding establishing all around the world healthier future generations can always have the chance to settle. View the fresh product selection of Woolies on pg 26&27. Seafood on pg 28.

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