Woolworths Catalogue 5 Oct – 11 Oct 2016

Woolworths Catalogue 5 Oct – 11 Oct 2016 half prices of Arnott’s chocolate coated biscuits, Pantene shampoo, My Dog chicken supreme dog food are available on pg 1. Snacks and Drinks of Woolworths are available on pg 4-5. Woolworths Catalogue 5 Oct - 11 Oct 2016V8 Juice 1.25L $3 each is a special deal by Woolworths on pg 4. Arnott’s Tim Tam mango flavour greets you with its half price that can be seen on pg 4. Low Price Always deals of popcorn and Springwater of Woolworths are also available on pg 5. More on the snacks and beverage, you can find energy drinks, chocolate products like maltesers, mars and more:

Monster Energy Drink 4x500mL $5.85
Twinnings tea bags pk 80 half price $5.49
Kellogg’s LCMs pk 6 132g $2

Prices dropped of Arnott’s multipack, cream biscuits are on pg 7. Treat yourself nicely feeding your body with the healthy things and benefit the nutrition of breakfast at Woolworths for paying lesser. Always a good deal at Woolworths Catalogue will be yours each week !

Aeroplane mug cakes 65g $1
Sirena Tuna 95g $2
Kellogg’s Sultana Bran 420g $2.49
Dorset Cereals Granola 550g $4.14

Prices Dropped of Lipton tea bags cup black pk 100 and macro Organic black or white Chia seeds 250g are featured today. Moreover on pg 10-11 pantry and dinner ideas are waiting for you:

San Remo pasta 375g $1.95
Maggi 2 min. noodles pk 12 $8
Australian mince beef $8
Old El Paso stand ‘n stuff mini taco kit $5

Woolworths dairy and breakfast food will be on sale on Wed. When your turn it to pg 14 you will realise that many good deals are on the way. Check out the latest “low price always” sale for coconut water, Farmers Union Greek style yogurt, Willow Farm dips on pg 15.

Cheese variety, orange juice, seafood and prices dropped for some products are available on pg 16&17. Salmon Portions of Ocean Chef are “prices dropped” sale of the week. Meat Sale of Woolworths is appearing on pg 18 :

Woolworths Seeded burger varieties, macro Free Range whole chicken and lamb rack roast or lamb cutlets are on sale from Wed. Fresh produce featuring fruit and veg can be browsed on pg 20-21 while you can see seedless mandarins priced at $3.40 kg. Deli, home products, Spring gardening deals, pet food, pet care products, household and personal care products, half prices of wellness products like hair care, baby care and pharmacy are all inside the catalogue.

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