Woolworths Catalogue 7 Sep – 13 Sep 2016

Woolworths Catalogue 7 Sep – 13 Sep 2016 half prices and prices dropped deals of Woolworths are again drawing attention with the new catalogue preview. Woolworths Catalogue 7 Sep - 13 Sep 2016Find the top deals and unique savings inside this catalogue to save and reduce the cost of shopping for the whole week. Most customers like to shop for bulky buys and they claim that it’s more profitable to do that way.

For football snacks find pg 6&7.

Cadbury Twirl or cherry ripe HALF PRICE
Mint Maltesers, M&M’s medium bitesize 140g $3
Smith’s chips 2/$5
Cabudry Dairy Milk $3.50
Arnott’s country cheese, cheds, sesame wheat, salada or vita-weat 2/$5

And more snacks or confectionery can be found there on pg 6&7. Check out all beverage, soda and coke packs on pg 8. Great deli products, bakery and prices dropped deals are also available there. Pantry products and some specials like Kellogg’s bites, Heinz creationz half prices can be your favorite deals, too. Don’t miss out anything from half prices of convenient food and Continental pasta&sauce on pg 13.

Frozen Food and Dairy

These products are featured on pg 16&17. Chobani yogurt, Lurpark spread or block and Vaalia yoghurt are some of the products which you can find. Dinner idea by Woolworths for this week is Spaghetti Bolognese with ingredients that are on sale on pg 18.
Many more like these products are featured on this catalogue. Woolworths Catalogue will be the primary for you in this week. If you want to see more please check out the preview of the catalogue.

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