Woolworths Catalogue Australia Day 18 – 24 Jan 2017

Save a lot more on meat and chicken this week at Woolworths. Check out deli products, traditional tastes on pg 4-5. Woolworths Catalogue Australia Day 18 - 24 Jan 2017Fresh grocery, Aussie made products, Summer specials and half price range are main focus of the Woolworths Catalogue this week.

We focus on the special products listed for the Australia Day. And some seasonal products are needless to mention about. Back to School sale has been launched at Woolies. Pg 12-15 can offer you the school supplies and low price always deals are possible to see on the catalogue.

Celebrate Australia day with the half price range of Woolworths Catalogue that can be seen on the cover. Many more half price products are featured. Woolworths Catalogue Australia Day 18 Jan 2017 products have been listed below.

Powerade sports drink 600mL $1.69
Peters Drumsticks $3.99
The Natural Confectionery Co. – medium bags $2
Coca-Cola sprite or Fanta $1.42

Woolworths has got the special tastes for celebration. Meat, deli products are in your list. Make a shopping list with browsing these prices on pg 2-3.

Australian Lamb forequarter chops $9 – save $3.99 pg 2
Woolworths butterflied lamb leg $23 kg
Woolworths gourmet sausages range 500g $6 ea
Woolworths seeded burger

Drinks and snacks of Woolworths Catalogue can be seen on pg 8-9. Half prices:

Pascall medium bags marshmallow $2
Schweppes mineral water or mixer 1.25L $1.10
Woolworths seeded burger range 400g $6.50

You can get a Australian flag for $4 at Woolworths. Pg 6&7 contains fresh produce of summer tastes. Don’t miss out !

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