Woolworths Catalogue Australia Day 25 Jan 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Australia Day 25 Jan 2017 has been published and it features a lot of good deals on grilling, meat, seafood, fresh produce including tropical fruits and Aussie made products and deli-bakery products. Woolworths Catalogue Australia Day 25 Jan 2017Even more products are featured in this catalogue but I tried to focus on the specials that can be profitable for you to get savings on Australia Day products. Celebrate this national day with these Woolies discounts.

Woolworths Australia Day Deals

Within this range you will find out many deals. Especially “prices dropped” range was contained by the latest catalogue of the Woolworths. Of course half price deals are featured.

Smith’s crinkle cut 150g $1.64
Tasmanian Heritage brie or Camember cheese 250g $5.60
Arnott’s chocolate coated biscuits $1.82
Mars Frozen bars or teasers sticks 225-360mL $3.99

Cheese variety, deli products, special prices on sausages and more can be easily browsed via this Woolworths Catalogue.

Decorated Pavlova $10 – save $3
Pepsi, Solo, Sunkist, Schweppes Half – $1.10
Mersey valley cheese 235g
Australian RSPCA approved chicken kebab – save $4
Fountain sauce varieties 2L – half $3
Paul Newman’s own dressing 250mL – half – $2.20

Soft or Crusty bread rolls pk 6 2/$4
Lamington varieties 300-430g $2.50
Primo cocktail or thin Frankfurts

Seafood and meat are two essential part of every regular shopping. We can’t pass this one. “Prices Dropped” can be surely a profitable deal range for you. Check out some of these products on pg 4-5.

Aussie beef sausage 760g $5
MSA Australian beef rump steak $20 kg
Stir fry combo – $15 Save $2

Seafood featuring Aussie salmon, prawns and more products are among the featured deals of Woolies. Fresh fruits, broccolini, bananas, and more are also available.

Aussie peaches $3.50 kg pg 6
Aussie mangoes2 2/$5
Aussie broccolini 2/$4
Aussie cavendish bananas $1.90 kg

Deli products and chicken have been included on pg 8&9. Roast chicken and olives, Castello blue cheese and more products. Some half prices, “low price always” deals and “prices dropped” range are featured.

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