Woolworths Catalogue Back to School Food 30 Jan – 5 Feb 2019

Breakfast foods, dairy, frozen foods, “prices dropped” deals, canned foods, and more are the featured products from the latest Woolworths Catalogue. You can restock the needs to pack your food for the school days. It’s so practical and easy to shop at Woolworths. Sanitarium Up & Go 3x250mL is a great example of the deals from the selection of this catalogue. Vaalia yoghurt of 900g will cost only $5.50. Find this product in the part of breakfast and dairy foods on pg 2-3. Uncle Tobys Cheerios of 570g can be a good choice for everyone who likes to have a quick breakfast in the mornings. Working days are also better with such quality and faster nutritional choices. There are millions of conventional solutions to our daily life problems like breakfast and lunches. Woolworths and similar supermarkets provide a great range of solutions and answers to the requests of millions of customers. Back to School sales is a special event where you can buy a list of quality foods that are really practical to consume in mornings or during lunch. Find packs of markers, pens, Apple juice, and more essentials of school life on pg 8-9.

Stationery products:

Snacks can also be a requirement of kids. You can find a spectacular range of snacks that are actually regularly the favourites of all customers who like to shop at Woolies. Check out Doritos chips, Thins, Schweppes, Coca-Cola, Cadbury Crunchie rocks, dairy milk and more products in this category.

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