Woolworths Catalogue Big Night In Snacks 19 – 25 Jun 2019

Gather together for the Big Night in and enjoy your favourite snacks for the prices by Woolworths Catalogue preview. You can see them on pg 1-7. All the items of these pages are on sale starting on Wednesday. And most of them are participating in the Big Night In prize event of Woolies. Earn one of two awards with your purchases of snacks. Visit Big Night In page and buy 3 participating items to get your chance for these prize packs.
Play Pack contains Sony 65″ TV, home theatre, action camera, noise cancelling headphones, $50 store credit cards, and more. Earn either $1000 Big W or Woolworths Gift cards in one of these prizes. Party pack has a smart fridge, Google Home hub, Weber BBQ Apron, and more. See the details on the official page of the Big Night In event.
Among the participating categories, there are weekly specials, entertaining, chips & snacks, confectionery, and drinks. Some of them are on sale on the Woolworths Catalogue Snacks 19 – 25 Jun. Many items from the snack sale will cost half this week.

Save more and increase your chance to win one of the packs. Buy confectionery, chips, coke, and water on pg 4-5. Get a rewards card to save even more. If you scan your rewards card you will get two entries. Exclusive chocolate products are also available on pg 6&7. One of them is the Cadbury Dairy milk block varieties. Save $1.80 on that product! Cadbury biscuit bar will be an introductory item with an introductory price which is $2.

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