Woolworths Catalogue Christmas 1 – 7 Nov 2023

There is a lot of new half-price items in the Woolworths Catalogue. You can save half on a great range of items. Connoisseur ice cream, Tasmanian Heritage Double Brie, Gatorade Sports Drink, Doritos Corn, and more items are half-price deals as advertised on the first page. If you like to buy treats and snacks for Christmas, this is your catalogue. They have half-price deals on those products, too. For example, buy Cadbury chocolate coated nut varieties for only $5. Drinks & Snacks are on sale. Check out products like Cottee’s Cordial, Thins Chips, McVitie’s Digestives, and more items that are available in the half-price sale.

Woolworths Catalogue Christmas 1 - 7 Nov 2023

  • ½ price Connoisseur ice cream, Tasmanian Heritage Double Brie, Gatorade Sports Drink, Doritos Corn Chips, and more
  • Specials: ½ price Rock Face face wash, Lynx deodorant
  • ½ price Up & Go, Cadbury Chocolate Coated nut, Cottee’s Cordial, Gippsland Dairy Twist Yogurt
  • ½ price Thins, Cottee’s Cordial, Schweppes Soft Drinks, Jarrah Flavoured Coffee, Twinings Tea, Peckish White Rice Crackers, CC’s Cornados, and more
  • ½ price Kellogg’s LCMs or Nutri-Grain Bars, Vege Deli Crisps, Latina Fresh Filled Pasta, Mars or Snickers Frozen Dessert Bar, Golden Crumpets
  • ½ price Raid Light Trap Starter Pack, Dynamo Professional laundry liquid and more household supplies

Prices-Dropped – Woolworths Catalogue Christmas 1 – 7 Nov 2023

Treats, sweets, crackers, corn relish, cranberry sauce, and many more items are Christmas specials in the new Woolworths Catalogue.

  • Smith’s, Doritos or Red Rock Deli Party Bag 290-380g $6
  • Maggie Beer Brie or Camembert 200g $8.30
  • Always Fresh Kalamata or Mixed Olives $4.60
  • Olina’s Artisan Crackers 100g $4
  • Woolworths Premium Entertaining 225-250g $6.40
  • Tibaldi Ham off the Bone 500g $12
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce 275g $3.50
  • Three Threes Fruit Sauce Apple 250g $2.60
  • Sara Lee Cakes 350-400g $6.80

Check out more items and Christmas treats including pudding:

  • Woolworths Pavlova Base $6
  • Foster Clark’s Custard 1L $5
  • Woolworths Gold Davidson Plum & Gin Tart 220g Pk 6 $11
  • Woolworths Rocky Road Tarts Pk 6 $7.50
  • Woolworths Gold Caramelised White Chocolate & Macadamia Pudding 600g $15
  • Woolworths Cinnamon & Vanilla Shortbread Trees Pk 14 $4.50

Christmas Confectionery and Decoration

There is a considerable amount of items that will cost half in the confectionery part of the Christmas sale. Woolworths Catalogue Christmas 1 – 7 Nov 2023 has these items including advent calendars:

  • Confectionery Advent Calenders 25% off – Cadbury, Lindt Teddy, Kinder, Chupa Chups, NOMO Vegan & Free from Creamy Choc, and more
  • ½ price Cadbury Roses, Cadbury Favourites, Ferrero Rocher, Darrell Lea, Lindt Lindor Trio tin, Lindt
  • Lindor Pouch Bag and more
  • Tree Decorations from $3
  • Christmas Mains Powered 250 Fairy Lights White or Multicoloured $18
  • Christmas Solar Garden Stake Lights Pk 4 $26
  • Premium Christmas Tree 180cm $60

Check out these products from Christmas sale:

  • Christmas Mini Meerkats $7
  • Christmas Pride Bauble $8
  • Christmas Elves Behaving Badly Elf $7
  • Christmas Elves Behaving Badly Swing $4
  • 3D Stickers $2
  • Licenced 3D Christmas Ornaments $7
  • Licenced Christmas Bauble $6
  • Licenced Christmas Socks Pk 2 $10

I think these Christmas gift ideas are also great offers. Check out Christmas toys in Woolworths Catalogue:

  • Design a Friend Doll 40% off
  • Anti Gravity Dinosaur Track 375 Piece 40% off
  • Dough-Go-Around 20% off
  • Desert Chariot Sport Racer 20% off
  • Pony Mega Pack 20% off
  • Mega Marble Race 20% off

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