Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Gifts 11 – 17 Dec 2019

Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Gifts 11 - 17 Dec 2019Shop Woolworths Catalogue to buy some gifts of the household and apparel category. This week, new release movies are also on the Woolies catalogue. For example, you can buy Downtown Abbey the movie or Angry Birds 2 DVD for $20 each. In most cultures, the abstract concept of occasional gifting is very much related to personal care products for God-knows-why reason. I don’t even have an idea of why underwear is a great gift in most cultures. But I can say that it’s almost one of the best things about Christmas gifting because most people are lazy to go buy some underwear. This must be especially true for some men. The last thing I would want is to sound like a stereotype-thinking person so let’s skip that side of the story. However, for they are classic gifts and popular among people, most supermarkets and stores offer lower prices of underwear products. Woolworths Catalogue is one of them. So, if you go to pg 30, you can see half-price deals on Bonds men’s Xmas guy front trunk and more underwear products.

Also, gift cards are available on the catalogue. You can see some deals on iTunes gift cards, and more gift cards on pg 31. Smartphones are cheaper at Woolworths so maybe you might want to see phones and half-price deals on the same page. Check out what Woolies has got for you:

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