Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Specials 11 – 17 Nov 2015

Woolworths is preparing you to Christmas with decorations, foods and gifts.

Woolworths Loves Christmas TimeWoolworths Catalogue Christmas Specials 11 - 17 Nov 2015

In this catalogue Woolworths changing your perspective of celebrating Christmas. By small interior touches you will feel Merry Christmas in your home. Decoration should be perfect when we are counting from ten to one ! So in Woolworths there is logical deals about it. E.g stars are important part of decoration, so christmas top decorations are available. Besides, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Wreath, Flocked Reindeer, Stocking and Wrapping items are ready to use for decoration. Zig-zag stripes inspired by the enthusiasm of the new year. Whole this assorted products are starting from $3. Three different size and height trees are in stocks. Tinsel Pop Up Tree is trend now. Its 1.5m quick and easy to assemble and stand included. Fibre Optic 1.8m tree is changes color automatically. Also this product is running with low voltage. Outside decoration is important as insides. Outdoor Solar Rope Light 6 Metres is very useful for outside decoration. Its good opportunity for show your style to neighbors. 

Besides, Woolworths has tasty deal in Baker Corner. In page 13, you can reach ingredients and baking method for gingerbread men cookies. For this recipe, Woolworths reccommend Nestle Baker Choice products. With these easy method and high quality Nestle products you can serve your gingerbread men cookies in 30 mins.

All Frozen Turkeys are 20$ OFF for Christmas preparing. Delicious and fresh roast breast with apricot & apple frozen foods in freezers. Don’t miss this prices before new year. Woolworth’s children gifts available this week with one price for all. Also Playstation Store gift cards 20% OFF.

Products in post;

Nestle Bits 250g / Melts 37g / Chunks 180g
Plaistowe 180-200g or Cocoa 190g $2 for each PG 13
Created with Jamie Cirtus & Herb Turkey Roast Breast & Wing 1.1kg $19 PG 17
Woolworths Frozen Ready to Roast Turkey Breast with Apricot & Apple Stuffing 1kg $18
Woolworths Frozen Ready to Roast Turkey Breast 1kg $15
Christmas Gifts $20 & Playstation Gift Cards $24 PG 28
Woolworths Christmas Decoration PG 30
Table Top Decoration $10
Jingle Bell Decoration $4
Jingle Bells Wrath $18
Christmas Stocking $5
Assorted Wrapping Papper $3
Traditional Christmas Tree 1.7m $20 PG 31
Tinsel Pop Up Tree 1.5m $25
Fibre Optic Tree 1.8m $60

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