Woolworths Catalogue Christmas Specials 18 – 24 Nov 2015

Christmas specials on sale at Woolworths. From all categories many products awaiting for being part of your home.

CHRISTMAS WITH WOOLWORTHS SPECIALSWoolworths Christmas Specials Catalogue 18 - 24 Nov 2015

Saves are many time to hurry !  1/2 Prices available for many Christmas products. I never seen Nestle’s discount like this. Nestle quality Street tin selling with $12.50 save. Its just incredible. Cadbury advent on sale and just $4. In this week , there is a method for christmas fruit cake. This cake ready in almost one hour. In pg 13, you can find ingredients and recipe and special Woolworths tips. All ingredients are selling and all discounted prices available in Christmas Baking. Decoration is important topic for everyone. So you can find great products about decoration for this week. Woolworths special bon bons, tinsel tree, cute Santa’s little helper hat, ribbed place mat and assorted decorations are designed by reflecting Christmas ambiance. Also page 15 you can find more decoration objects. Very cute christmas tree plate, and disposable ranges are available in 18 nov 2015. m&m’s special design crakers and bonbons seem very delicious from here.

Christmas Entertaining products on sale, 5-7 serves Turkey Breast full of flavor and traditional cut. INGHAM is really professional at meat sector.Make your Christmas Famous with Fresh Ingredients ! Whole Leg, Shoulder Free Range half leg, Carve leg ham easy to serve and marked with Australian Grown ! Leg Ham smoked is favorite we guess in this catalogue. Eva is not ordinary mom of her home. Because she choose Woolworths Leg Ham and Woolworth given a place for her story and her special flavor recipe. Click here for full story and other details about recipe. Best cheese for great breakfast ! Greek style and gold English blue special cheese arrived to stocks.

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