Woolworths Catalogue Deals 25 April – 1 May 2018


Interesting arrangement of deals with the simplicity of display by Woolworths Catalogue which help customers explore the exactly needed things. You now can browse the deals of Woolworths Catalogue preview which is meant to be the indication of news from the goods of weekly supplies. In addition, there will be announcement of deals like “prices dropped”, half-price products and extended versions of the previously mentioned sales.


Twisties, Cerry Ripe, M&M’s and more products are on sale at half the regular prices.

Lindt Lindor with a new flavour is present in this catalogue. Discover the new product and its price with the help of this display of the new Woolworths Catalogue which has even more than this. Moreover, you can see the products like Coca-Cola, Golden Circle fruit drink, V Energy drink, Gatorade sports drink, and more of the drink and snacks category.

Woolworths has made deals on Red Rock Deli, Arnott’s milk arrowroot, Fantastic Goodies, Mars Giant Sharepack and many more products. Despite the size of the catalogue, there are some good pages that highlighted the important products like new flavour of the Red Rock Deli chips. Prices of Kellogg’s all-bran, macro Organic fairtrade coffee are dropped.


Additionally, Mexican food has been promoted by Woolworths Catalogue which contains a certain number of deals on these products. For example, Old El Paso mild taco, mild salsa, and a new product of Old El Paso cooking sauces smoky chipotle fajita. Equally to this, some popular products of pantry are:

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