Woolworths Catalogue Deals 11 – 17 Jul 2018


Half prices for Big Night and a special sale by Woolworths Catalogue that covers snacks, grocery, fresh produce, Winter food, and more. Canned and packaged food variety from the pantry and breakfast categories are interesting deals from this range. Leggo’s tomato paste, Lazuppa soup, Continental products and more are featured. Woolworths has price drops on all products in the pantry, too. Visit pg 6&7 for great food. Heinz Beanz will be half price like many others.

Go to pg 8-9 for more of it. Ol El Paso gluten-free soft taco kit, hard ‘n soft, Mexican food variety will be your options this week. Maggi 2 minute whole grain noodles pk 12 will be $8. Snacks and good deals are available on pg 10-11. Pepsi Max, Schweppes, Doritos chips, Pringles, M&M’s chocolate, Grain Waves, Twisties are favourite snacks that are on sale. Half prices for Oreo Cookies. Kettle original sea salt chips of a 175g pack are $3! Save more on soda packs and energy drinks. Red Rock Deli nuts, mini Oreo, Kirks, V Energy drink and more are going to be available with awesome prices. Powerade sports drink of 600mL is only $2!

Find even more in drinks and snacks category of Woolworths.

½ prices in snack category:

Prices are now lower for the Woolworths family classics meals. Visit pg 3 for the excellent choices for you. Save more on packaged food at Woolworths this week. Dinners are simpler with these food products. Make beef massaman curry for 4. Use the products that are available on pg 4. Woolworths Catalogue has good prices for Cadbury twirl, kinder bueno, Smith’s chips, Sunbites and more snacks or beverage.

More half-price deals from pg 16-17:

Frozen Food, Dairy and More

If you like simple food products like packaged fries, ice cream and so on, please check pg 18-19 for half-price deals. Lean Cuisine balanced serve frozen meal, plated frozen meals, frozen chips, pizza, Magnum ice cream among the products on sale.

Dairy, fresh products, meat and bakery are also included categories in this catalogue. You can buy Chobani yoghurt pouches for only $1.12 which is the half price and Activia, Vaalia, Five AM organic yoghurt products can be seen in the same category.

½ prices in this category :

Broccolini, orange, cherries, apples, tomatoes, peppers and more products of Aussie grown sale in fruit and veg from Woolworths Catalogue are on sale. Check out meat products like MSA Australian Beef T-bone and lamb mid loin chops at lower prices on pg 24. If you like deli products and bakery, they are on pg 26&27. Long john donuts with fresh cream, Golden crumpet breaks are half prices as well.

In this catalogue, you may also browse personal care products, pharmacy, dental care, baby products, food storage, cleaning chemicals, pet and more categories. You can follow our Facebook page where we share this kind of deals.

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