Woolworths Catalogue Deals 12 – 18 Sep 2018

Find the new deals on cover page that are the half-price deals. Pizza, coke, candies and more. Woolworths Catalogue has extended snack sale with more half-price deals and more discounts. Game Day snacks of Woolworths is a great range of products including Vege chips, Infuzions, V8 vegetable, Pepsi Max, Lipton ice tea, Schweppes. More soft drinks, salad packs and recipes are available on the first part of the catalogue. Read beef stroganoff and succulent lemon chicken on pg 8-9. Necessary ingredients and price drops are also promoted items of the catalogue.

Great snack deals by Woolworths:

The snack range goes on like this. And more half-price deals are available in the same category. One of my favourites is Thins chips that can be seen on pg 12. Pringles, Mars medium bars, Red Rock deli chips, Mount Franklin and more are on pg 12-13. Browse the products of the pantry, dairy, milk, packaged food, deli, bakery, fresh produce and more on the rest of the food part of Woolworths Catalogue 12 – 18 Sep.

See more deals from snacks category:

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