Woolworths Catalogue Deals 6 – 12 December 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Deals 6 - 12 December 2017Woolworths has so many good products on sale this week. Australian calypso mangoes will be $2 this week. Woolies has new half prices for 4 different products on the first page.

Aussie prawns and more seafood alternatives by Woolworths Catalogue on pg 2 is one of the sales. Check out Christmas sweets of Woolworths. Limited stocks of each product may require quick timing. Prepare your table with the best food. Go to pg 4-5 where Woolworths offers deli and bakery beauties. Price of turkey is lower this week.

Woolworths Catalogue promotes Christmas chocolates. 30% off Woolworths Christmas decorations. Lighting, Christmas tree and decoration products are in. Christmas gifts consisting of chocolate boxes and special prices are on pg 10.

Sweets with milk. One of the keywords about this catalogue. You should see the dairy taste and a recipe of Christmas chocolate lava puddings on pg 11.

While stocks last: Gold chocolate mud cake, gold jewelled fruit and nut festive cake, Gold vanilla bean, Gold roasted almond shortbread.

Chocolate gifts at Woolworths this week:

Pantry products got priced at half:

Using the Woolworths Catalogue as a regular way to hunt for deals is a wise thing to do this week. It’s not only helpful but also profitable. You may focus on what you need without the impulse of seeking the lowest price because everyhting is already priced at fair values.

Search your favourite summer food on pg 18-19. Favourite brands of ice cream and frozen food ideas are available on these pages. Greek Yoghurt of Jalna is $5, Pauls egg nog of 1L pack is $3.30 and more items at lowered prices got promoted. Low price always for two products on pg 21. Fresh products of Woolies are available on pg 22-23. Go to pg 24 for bakery, 25 for deli meat. Find a whole roast chicken for only $7.90.

Seafood, fresh cut meat and more products are on pg 26-27.

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