Woolworths Catalogue Deals 8 – 14 November 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Deals 8 - 14 November 2017Discover the beauties of life. The first thing to make you want to live more is the feeling of discovery. Happiness must not be confused with the will to live. Regarding the depression is one of the most common disorders of our day, keeping your bonds to life stronger must have an important role. How to do this? If you are not aware of why you live, that could be a big problem. It has a snowball effect influencing your daily life, particularly, working life. You can’t focus on something you need to be on or it’s sometimes impossible to overcome a solution. See, you must seek and find that truth of your existence. All these confusion, messy days and painful life could be challenging regarding the materialistic aspect of it. Woolies is here to support your daily life as possible as it can. With these half prices:

Woolworths dropped the prices of Pantene shampoo and conditioner. See on pg 2-3. Low price always for Brie, Camembert, Sea Salt Crackers, Greek yogurt, and more dairy products on pg 4. Find baby care products of Little One’s. Half prices are valid for Smith’s, and more snacks or candies on pg 7.

Another important news from Woolies is the Christmas sales. They have begun! The new season Christmas trees are available on pg 8! 4 different types are on sale and half price is valid for Woolworths premium Christmas tree! Pay only $30 for that tree. Also, Christmas accessories for redecoration will be priced starting at $2. Cadbury Favourites, Lindt Lindor, Corinthians, Christmas mix by Smyths are available with large stocks. Browse this confectionery range on pg 9. Recipes of “choc chip cookies” and “Christmas spiced cupcakes” are readable on pg 10-11.

You should see these half-price deals:

100% Aussie peaches from Woolies on pg 20! Aussie Mangoes, blueberries, cucumbers and more items are in the sale of this week. See the meat and seafood on pg 22-23. Prices dropped for many products. Cakes, bread and more bakery products on pg 24-25.

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