Woolworths Catalogue Deals 15 – 21 August 2018

Woolies sells Twinings, Pepsi Max, Huggies nappy pants and Connoisseur ice cream at half prices that are viewable on the first page. Prices Dropped for many products. See them on pg 2-3. 100% Aussie beef mince will be $7/ea. Zafaretti pasta, Reguletto pasta sauce, Val Verde passata sauce, Woolworths Mediterranean olives, Devondale shredded cheese are available on pg 2-3. Go to pg 4-5 for more of prices dropped. That includes Heinz canned beans or spaghetti, Bega peanut butter, Weet-Bix bites, Nescafe Blend 43 and more products.

Snacks, candies, soft drinks and half-price deals are a classic. You can find $3 candies and chips. Kettle Chips and Cadbury dairy milk will cost only $3 for 150g chips and 170g chocolate. Find more great deals on pg 7. Those are the half-price deals on Cadbury favourites, Oreo cookies and more. Monster Energy drink, Cadbury favourites, Lindt Excellence, V and coke that are all on sale on pg 8-9. Premium crispbread original is a new product at Woolies. See the introductory price by Woolworths Catalogue on pg 9.

These are half-price deals on snacks and candies. That also covers some lovely breakfast food. Nutella, Kellogg’s Nutri-grain, Nestle Milo are being featured items on pg 10-11. Pantry and breakfast combination of the product range is viewable on pg 10-11.

Nothing beats Indian and Chinese food when it comes to instant food products. They have a seriously good variety of food that can be canned and packaged easily for a long duration. Find half-price deals on Indian food and more packaged food packs on pg 12-13. Also, see organic food products like corn chips, baby food pouch, rolled oats, muesli, virgin coconut oil and more items. The bakery category is also on that section. Half prices are Homestyle scone and Golden crumpet rounds.

All the Aussie grown fresh produce is like a seal of a Woolworths Catalogue. You can find them in a regular Woolworths Catalogue. Royal Gala apples, brushed potatoes, strawberries, green zucchini, and more. Meat is also a major category in fresh products. Buy MSA Australian Beef eye fillet steak that will be only $39. Visit pg 19 for seafood products. Prawns, shrimps, salmon and more.

More ½ prices and new products:

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