Woolworths Catalogue Deals 15 – 21 March 2017

You should see new Woolworths catalogue for half prices, “prices dropped” and regular discounts.Woolworths Catalogue Deals 15 - 21 March 2017 They have a larger space for “prices dropped” this week. These products of “prices dropped” are generally pantry, convenient food, snacks and beverage. A new product by Pepsi is available at Woolworths. Pepsi’s new product contains max. vanilla amount. Prices dropped deals for Cadbury dairy milk, Arnott’s Premier, are featured on pg 7. Masterfoods marinades, extra virgin olive oil and more pantry products can be found on pg 3.

Half prices on cover page:

Top deals of beverage products including Coca Cola and V Energy drink are viewable on pg 7. You can get a 30x375mL pack of Coca Cola for only $19 and that will save you $15.45 and pay only half of Zico coconut water regular price to get it this week. Another half price range of Woolies provided a range of products consisting of Frantelle spring water, Loacker chocolate biscuits and more is featured on pg 8. Great deals will be supporting you with saving more. Browse them on pg 8-9.

Half prices on pg 8 and some good deals on pg 9:

Get more half prices from pantry aisle of Woolworths. The catalogue conains and shows some goods of pantry range. Nescafe, belVita, Nestle Milo and many more products from pantry can be seen on pg 10-11. Quick food kits are really life saving products you can get from supermarkets like this. The retailer offers half prices for 4 items including Heinz baked beans or sphagetti. Woolworths has more than food. Check out Myer gift cards.

Half prices on pg 10-11:

Gluten free food would be a choice for everyone who wants to live healthier. Find Gluten free food products which contain rice wheels, pastry, munch, cornflakes, natural bars etc. Get some organic products and view dairy or fridge products on pg 16&17. New flavours of ice cream and frozen products are available on pg 18-19.Woolworths Catalogue Deals 15 - 21 March 2017 2

Half prices and “prices dropped” on pg 14-19:

Woolworths offers Easter deals with this catalogue. Find M&M’s eggs, Lindt chocolate bunny, and many more on pg 20-21. You can also check out a wider range of seafood with heavily John West canned fish. Half prices for greenseas tuna, paramount wild alaskan, are also available. Food deals of Woolworths are not limited to this. Hot corss bun, Turkish pizza base, mini pastry and more products are available on pg 24-25. Fresh produce including strawberries, apples are available.

Meat sales, prices dropped on pg 28-29:

Non-food deals of Woolworths including underwear, 40% off bathroom deal, and many more products are also included by this catalogue. Find more with updates on Twitter (@CatalogueAu) and Facebook. You can follow us on these platforms to beware of featured deals each week.Woolworths Catalogue Deals 15 - 21 March 2017 6

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