Woolworths Catalogue Deals 10 – 16 January 2018

Woolworths Catalogue Deals 10 - 16 January 2018Sometime in these months, you might need a little bit more of such deals from the catalogues like Woolworths. If you are in the need of lower prices than regular, I recommend you to check out all the supermarket catalogues released this week. John West tuna fish, M&M’s chocolate, Pepsi Max, and Aussie peaches seasonal fruits are all in the cover page. Aussie Mangoes, Blueberries, Aussie grapes, NSW potatoes, are from the fresh produce sale of the Woolworths Catalogue.

One of the new sales from the all the supermarkets can come handy with the catalogues. Never skip the online exclusive deals. The prices are generally lower than the in-store ones. Catch a good deal and save on your favourite. Fresh meat and seafood can be found on pg 4-5 of the Woolworths Catalogue. You can also see prices dropped deals for the imported barramundi fillets and nile perch fillets.

Shop the chocolates, snacks, favourite beverage deals on pg 6&7. They got a really good sale with featuring these products. Half-price deals got promoted on pg 6.

Back to school sale is now available at Woolworths. The catalogue promotes the sale of pg 8-9. Snacks, cleaning supplies, Golden Circle products, Maggi 2min. noodles, Uncle Tobys, Nestle Milo and much more got new low prices. Double your savings with these back to school deals.

Go to pg 10-11 for the lunch bags, drink bottles, underwear at half prices. Nescafe Blend 43 is only $13 and more breakfast products are “prices dropped” sales on pg 12. Vittoria Mountain grown beans, Australia’s Own almond milk 1L and many more products got promoted on that same sale.

Cheezels cheese box 125g is only $1.20! Half prices from pantry products are available. See the summer fun with frozen deals. Ice cream, Borg’s strudel, The Natural Confectionery company or Bulla everyday multipacks can be found.

These begin with a very nice half-price sale and ends with a household supplies sale. “Low price always” for 5 items on pg 19. Greek style yogurt will be on sale. Pay only half for the Greek yogurts on pg 18. Meat, chicken, seafood, with a lot of discounts on pg 20-23.

You have freedom of choice with these awesome catalogues. Never forget to see these deals, important news from the stores.

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