Woolworths Catalogue Deals 11 – 17 October 2017

Woolworths Catalogue Deals 11 - 17 October 2017A new wide range of groceries, snacks, beverage, meat, seafood, and other weekly needs. Woolworths Catalogue has the best price range for top quality again. You can shop half-priced products and get relax with the thought of your budget. It’s a success when you can profit out of a shopping. The weekly expenses might really be expensive if you are not careful enough. Check out all the catalogues before you head for the shopping stores.

Find spooky gifts for Halloween celebration. English Breakfast, Weet-Bix, are at low prices. Get Nutri-Grain, Chobani and KitKat for half prices. Red Rock Deli sweet potato chips, Schweppes, Coke, V Energy drink, will be on pg 2-3. See all the favourite snacks and beverage with this catalogue.

1/2 prices:

Pepsi, Solo, Sunkist drinks will be $12 (save $9). Mount Franklin Spring water 20x500mL will be $6 only. Check out Cadbury large blocks is priced at $5 and Natural Chip Co. is only $5. Find a price range for The Natural
Confectionery co. Rainbow frogs, Cadbury cookies and Halloween products on pg 4-5. Lindt Excellence or creations block price is $2 (1/2) at Woolies.

1/2 prices:

If these products are interesting for you, then food deals with important brands of quick food, ice cream, side foods, and practical solutions for hunger can be, too. Go to pg 10-12 for these products that are on sale. Woolworths Catalogue is one of the easiest way to see all deals of the week quickly. McCain pizza slices will be $5. Save $1 on Weight Watchers classic menu frozen meals which is priced at $3.

Discover new cheese prices on pg 14-15. Prices of Devondale cheese block and shredded cheese 550-600g are going to be lower this week. Shop for “low price always” on pg 15. The Goods Sauerkraut of half kg. is half priced. Pay $3.50 to get that product. Castello blue or white cheese, Cracker Barrel special reserve cheese, Kraft Dips, Original Juice black label and many more are also on sale. Flora spread, Primo sliced meat, A2 full cream, Vaalia for kids yoghurt pouches, and many more are featured.

Bakery, deli products with prices dropped. Woolies will let you shop the tasty food. That’s exactly Spring fun. Pick your favorites on pg 20-21. Meat and seafood on pg 22-23. Lamb rump steak, beef heart smart mince, fillet steak and many more including exclusive offers.

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